Physical Healing

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Feeling lost, alone, not fully present in your body? As if something is off and missing? Retrieve lost Soul parts and feel whole again with this Shamanic Systemic Healing of 2 hours by two seasoned healers, online or in Amsterdam.



Experiencing physical pain and longing for healing, Balance and Ease? Enjoy this light, deep Shamanic Systemic Healing of 2 hours by two seasoned healers (equals 4 hours of personal 1:1 healing), online or in Amsterdam. Listen to what your body wants to tell you and free yourself of old stories that no longer serve you. This method does not require you to re-experience your shadow or pain. Systemic constellation work with a shamanic twist. Release phyiscal pain, thougths, emotions, patterns and beliefs of this life, of your family and ancestors line while restoring the connection with the power and resources of your own Soul, your energy system and your guides.


Feeling stuck or not fully present because of emotions and physical discomforts that are difficult to feel and let go off. Or emotions and traumas of your parents or other ancestors that you inherited. Often also re-lived in former lives.

Examples are fear, anger, sadness, grief, feeling stuck, loneliness, needing to be strong, pleasing others, solving things on your own, not allowing yourself to feel, living from your head, too much responsibility, boundaries, physical pain, feelings of abandonement, not feeling seen or heard, feeling unworthy, guilt, shame.


Depending on the type of Shamanic Systemic Healing we offer these extras:

  • an intake¬† via Zoom or via telephone
  • Guidance via Whatsapp around the sessions
  • Drawings, rituals to do at home, oracle cards, altar.

Our live sessions, also include water, tea and some delicious treats so that you can fully enjoy your healing journey, the experience and insights while integrating the energetic shift in your personal field.

Read more here: Shamanic System Healing

We are looking forward to meeting you shortly,
Britta & Nathasja


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