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If you are reading this…..


…you are probably a highly sensitive and intuitive person, who loves nature and longs for more balance, joy and flow in every aspect of your life. In your relationship with yourself and others, at work and at home.

With an overload of information and distractions in daily life, it can be difficult to stay close to yourself and connected to your heart, your soul and your desires. All responsibilities and tasks require your attention and availability and it is challenging to stay centred and balanced. So what to do?

Nature is a powerful anchor to rebalance, stay focussed and true to yourself. It is a beautiful mirror, source of inspiration, a companion and healer the whole year round.

Our Healing with Nature course helps you to tap into this amazing resource to balance, gain clarity, to heal and grow personally, spiritually and professionally. It provides guidance to nurture your nature while enjoying the magical wisdom of Gaia.

You can step in any time of the year you want!


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“We decided to share our insights, own practices and experience of our relationship with nature in an easy- to-follow 1-year course. With our guidance, you’ll discover and work with the nurturing and magical energy of nature in a deep, connecting, healing and fun way. All based on the rituals and deep wisdom of the Celtic and other ancestors of the Northern European cultures who lived aligned with Nature.

Love is our guiding force. Joining our course will offer you a profound, long-term transformation and a whole new magical relationship with nature, with yourself and your life.”

The benefits participants mention about this course

Healing with Nature supports me to:

  • Navigate daily life’s challenges with ease
  • Raise the level of my wellbeing and prosperity.
  • Enjoy the beauty and abundance of Nature
  • Deeply connect with the magic & energy of Nature
  • Re-connect with the wisdom of the Celts and other ancient cultures of Northern Europe
  • Nurture my body, mind and soul
  • Re-balance and experience more joy, flow and abundance
  • Discover my own cycles, seasons
  • Connect to my true essence
  • Raise my frequency and self-awareness
  • Increase my intuition
  • Accelerate my spiritual growth

Video Testimonial

“I couldn’t have imagined how extraordinary the changes in my life would be

giving myself more connection to Nature with this course.”

In the video below, our lovely and amazing Marie-Louise shares how this course

changed her life, business and health.

This course if for you, if you are you a highly sensitive and intuitive person and longing for….


  • being the most flourishing and colourful you
  • an easy way to re-balance
  • more joy and flow in your work and private life
  • increased level of focus and energy
  • relaxation and peace for body and mind
  • ability to stay in your own energy, without absorbing energy of others
  • extra guidance to regularly let go, re-center, re-charge and re-balance
  • spending more time to connect with your soul and listen to your intuition
  • being in nature more often to connect with the beauty and magic of Mother Earth
  • understanding and aligning with your own rhythms, season and cycles
  • spiritual, personal and professional growth
  • having a place to find wisdom, tools and inspiration

Come and travel through the seasons with us

Experience the ancient and magical wisdom and power of Mother Nature.
Explore how to flourish with nature and her seasons to enhance your own wellbeing.
Recharge and balance your energy with monthly energy updates, healing & alignment tools and
our nature guides. Enjoy healing vibes together with other spirits in our safe space.

With this course you can enjoy

        • Monthly Energy Updates – themes & energy
        • Monthly Healing & Alignment tools for your personal growth
        • Monthly Nature Guides: plant and totem animal including exercises
        • Envision Your Year Guide of 21 pages
        • Envisioning visualisation
        • Access to online course platform with all shared content
        • Access to our warm, intimate and safe Nabrita Circle for sharing, support and fun
        • Connection with like-minded, spiritual beings
        • Nabrita Healing vibes offered by Britta & Nathasja


Extra bonuses:

Bonus 1: Intention setting module: video, guidebook and visualisation
Bonus 2: A video how to connect with plants and totem animals

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What others say about our Healing with Nature Course

‘Joining the course resulted in better decision making, better perspectives for my business and better health. I couldn’t have imagined how extraordinary the changes in my life would be.

All the business courses I bought, didn’t bring me what your course did. It’s given me permission to honor that I need the connection with Nature’s magic and wisdom. I earned more money this year than I earned in more than 20 years.

‘This course reminded me that it is okay who I am with all my flaws and insecurities. It supported me to feel that each of us has a place in this world. We are all part of nature. I feel softness again and re-balanced. It is necessary in this world that we are kind to ourselves and the world.



We are divorced of nature. It feels like being divorced from myself. Connecting with nature through your course is like reconnecting to myself. Nature brings me into presence and enhances my health and  mental wellbeing.

‘I am very glad I bought this course! It focusses my attention to connect with nature – to make space from busy family and workdays. I got the nourishment I have denied myself before. Without it, I could not have done all I needed to do for my business. I don’t feel like ‘just getting by’ this year anymore.’

‘I love the balance with images, videos, text and of course the connection in Telegram! The course gave me permission to get out into nature and spot the plant or animal of that month.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of the course?
The duration of the course is 12 months and you can follow the modules by yourself.
When does the course start? Is there a fixed starting date?
You can start the course at any time. We recommend starting with the Introduction and Intention module and then move on to the module of the current month.
Currently you will have access to the entire year at once, but we might change that so that a new module is released every beginning of the month.
Does my access expire at the end of the course?
You have access to the course as long as we host it online. If, for any reason, we need to end the hosting, you would receive a notification and opportunity to download the content.
Are there any live gatherings or trainings included?
We offer three different packages, the basic package (Jaspis) does not include any live sessions, the higher two packages do.
Is it possible to pay in installments?
Yes, it is. Simply send an email to
and we will send you the options for the package of your interest.
Can I change my package after I joined?
You are always free to upgrade to a higher package or purchase additional, customized services to complement your annual journey and your needs.
What are the dates for the 4 online group coaching & healing calls?
The dates for the online coaching & healing sessions will take place once per quarter and will be announced 4 weeks in advance. In case you cannot join live, there will be a replay available for limited time afterwards.
How and when can I schedule my individual sessions?
You can schedule your individual sessions as soon as the course is paid in full. Simply request an introduction call with us by email hello@nabrita.com so that we can discuss your needs, plan the sessions and the dates most suitable for you.
Is it possible to get a refund if I do not follow the course?
We have a free taster module available for you to get an impression of the course material. Therefore, we do not offer refunds after joining the course.
Where can I find the community for the course?

You can join the private Nabrita Circle on Telegram anytime. You can find the link in the introduction module.