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All our Healing sessions, Healing Ceremonies, Rituals and Healing products are energy aligned with pure intentions, love and respect for the cosmos, Mother Nature, all beings and nature. We work intuitively and are always supported by our teams of spirit guides.

Shamanic Systemic Healing
Our Shamanic Systemic Healings are pure and profoundly transformative while being light and safe. It does not require to re-live or reconnect deeply with shadow and pain as this healing is based on the idea that every system is whole and can heal itself. The method is a combination of Systemic Ritual®️, a shamanic variant of systemic constellation work developed by Daan van Kampenhout, and our Nabrita healing touch.


We offer retreats for intuitives, empaths, HSP’s, healers, coaches, lightworkers and starseeds and provide a safe space to turn inwards, rest and reconnect with your soul. With our guidance you feel, embrace and embody what wants to be cleared and healed. Nabrita retreats help raising your vibrations, deepen your spirituality, intuition and self-healing abilities as well as the connection to your higher-self, your spirit guides and source. Accelerate your spiritual growth and contact us for the next date.


Are you ready to become the most flourishing and colourful you and live a fulfilling and aligned life?

Lightness, fun and groundness in combination with deep spirituality, nature and unconditional love are the key elements that help us to create and grow organically, with flow and ease, and guide you into profound, deep transformations.