Our free gifts support you to be the most flourishing
and colourful version of you

Our mission is to support you to fall in love with yourself and live a life that is aligned with your heart and soul. Full of balance, joy, lightness and flow.

If you want to follow your heart becoming aware of who you truly are is key. What are your passions, longings, qualities, values, likes and dislikes? What are your very own colours?

It can be really challenging to remain balanced, true to yourself, follow your heart and flourish in relationships. Our free gifts are here to support you on your personal journey towards healing and joy.

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1 free month to our Nabrita course ‘Healing with Nature’

Access includes:

  • Energy update of the month (video)
  • Healing tools: A variety of guidebooks, audio with visualisation or checklists  
  • Animal and plant guide of the month (video)

Explore various aspects of nature and life for your personal and spiritual growth:

  • Exploring personal values and boundaries
  • Finding balance & celebrating love
  • Expressing what is important to you
  • Cleaning and releasing energy for new beginnings