We would love to meet and guide you on one of our rituals, healing circles or consultations. Check out all gatherings below for groups or you personally.

You can find an overview of all our offerings here.

We also love to create a special ritual, healing circle for you and your family, friends, colleagues, you and your partner or for you personally. For a birthday, a farewell party, a celebration, a rite the passage, to close a chapter in your life and to open a new one.

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Britta and Nathasja

Nabrita Gatherings, Events and Walk-in-Consultations

Nabrita Samhain Spiral Ceremony

Balance, Lightness, Freedom, Healing
4 November 2022 Lakenhalstraat 2, Amsterdam 19.30-21.00.

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During this Ceremony you will walk back through your year to let go. With the help of the Samhain energy, our energy healing and the support of our teams of guides and angels. In the centre you can gather your strength and connect with your essence to walk back refreshed and full of energy into the new chapter ahead of you.

“The Nabrita Spiral Ceremony was extraordinary. I was able to connect and free my female ancestor line during this ceremony. Nathasja and Britta, you are complementing each other seamlessly and build a beautiful unity working together. I was so enthusiastic that I also booked a Shamanic Systemic Healing. Dear ladies, I will be back for more.”


Shamanic Systemic Healing

Balance, Lightness, Soft & Deep, Healing

Walk-in consultations 14.00-17.00 at de Roos in Amsterdam.

14 & 28 October
11 & 25 November
9 & 23 December

Walk-in consultations 14.00-17.00 at de Roos in Amsterdam.

Book your 30 minutes session with Britta and Nathasja via to avoid the waiting list.

“It was a difficult period with lots of triggers when I received the Shamanic Systemic Healing from Britta and Nathasja. Afterwards my body needed to rest to integrate the healing energy. The experience was unexpectedly intense and pure.”

“Nathasja and Britta gave me such a pleasant, soft Shamanic Systemic Healing session. I felt held and my energy balance has been restored. A lovely healing experience.”

“Thank you so much. I felt so much happening and moving in my body, energy in a soft way. It was such a great experience to be held by two beautiful women/souls.”


Spiritual Fairs where you can find us

Systemic Shamanic Healing
Energy Reading & Healing
Oracle Cards

19 & 20 november Paranormaal Alternatief
Broodfabriek Rijswijk
Betaal 6 euro met kortingscode: NABRITA

17 & 18 december Zenichi Beurs
Sportcafé Die Twee Bateweg 78 , 2481 AN Woubrugge
Gratis entree.



About Britta and Nathasja 

“We believe that all answers and all you need is already inside of you. You only have to connect with it. Remember your own ways how to access it and how your healing powers work.

It is our mission to help you fall in love with yourself. And live a life that is aligned with your true nature full of balance, ease and fulfilment.

We offer spiritual guidance & teaching, healing, retreats, rites the passage and healing products inspired by Nature, Celtic and other forms of Shamanism, Systemic Healing. Supported by our clear senses, our amazing teams with Guides, Source and all healing energies that are meant to come through.

We work intuitively and offer light and grounded ways to heal and help you discover your powers and gifts , activate and share them with the world.”

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‘I really enjoyed the way Britta and Nathasja work together. Their cooperation is just natural, complementary, and absolutely wonderful. They are very sensitive and serious in their practice but also bring playfulness and lightness into the group while creating profound results.’