Course for your personal & spiritual growth

We aim to share the tools that helped us on our own personal, spiritual journey with online or live courses. All our tools are easy to use, practical and create deep transformation. Usually we use these tools ourselves and give them oour personal touch and energy.


Healing with Nature

Journey through the year with us by following nature’s harmonious blueprint to experience more balance, joy and flow as well as deep connection to your own true nature.

A 12-month online course helping you to align with the rhythms, seasons and healing power of nature. Learn about the deep wisdom and rituals of the ancestors: the Celts and other ancient cultures of Northern Europe. This program is for everyone who longs for more connection to nature, self and others and is ready to take next steps in their personal and spiritual growth.

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Key elements

Lightness, fun and groundness in combination with deep spirituality, nature and unconditional love are the key elements that help us to create and grow organically, with flow and ease, and guide you into profound, deep transformations.