Shamanic Systemic Healing

Balance Lightness Ease

Would you like to restore your balance and gain clarity? Free yourself from thoughts and beliefs that keep you stuck and experience flow instead? Feel light, centred, and closer to your true nature.

Our Shamanic Systemic Healings are pure and profound while being light and safe. We are totally in love with this healing method as it does not require to re-live or reconnect deeply with shadow and pain. Even after performing many of these healings with different people and themes, online and in-person, and we can’t get enough of the magical experiences and deep transformations it creates every single time.

What is Shamanic Systemic Healing?

Our healing method is based on Systemic Ritual®️, a shamanic variant of systemic constellation work developed by Daan van Kampenhout. He specialised in shamanism early in his life and got acquainted with the work of Bert Hellinger – Family Constellations during the 90’s. Systemic Ritual ®️ uses representatives like guides, archetypes, totem animals and spirit of for example motherhood. It focusses on the elements, resources and strengths of a person and system. There are many different types of Rituals depending on the theme your are dealing with.

We are adding our personal touch, following our intuition, by combining it with elements of our Healing with Nature program and healing applications. And as everything we offer, also the Shamanic Systemic Healings are based on unconditional love and lightness.

 This year, we offer Shamanic Systemic Healings in two different formats:

Online group healings throughout 2023

On four evenings, we offer one hour healings for you to enjoy our Shamanic Systemic Healings in an online group setting. 

We will guide you through the four directions of the Shamanic Medicine Wheel to heal corresponding aspects with the support of plant and animal guides from our Healing with Nature program.

Every evening we will step into another direction to heal a specific aspect of our being and call upon a matching plant or animal guide from the Celtic calendar (part of our Healing with Nature program).

Letting go of physical, emotional and mental blockages and related heaviness, the healing will support you throughout year and helps you to attract new opportunities and relationships.

The healings support and encourage you to live your true nature and feel balance, ease and joy.

The Shamanic Systemic Healings take place online, via Zoom, from 20.00 – 21.00 on:

Wednesday, 15 February: physical & ethical body
Wednesday, 24 May: astral body
Wednesday, 12 July: mental body
Wednesday, 11 October: soul

You can join the evenings separately or enjoy the full experience of the medicine wheel and attend all four of them.

Separate evening 45 Euro
Series of four evenings 120 Euro (instead of 140 Euro).

Secure your space in our online healing circles here.


Individual Shamanic Systemic Healing

During an intake, through Zoom, we get to know each other, answer all your questions and propose a suitable constellation for your personal healing. If there is a match on both sides, we plan an online session (150 Euro) or in person gathering (195 Euro) of 1,5 hour with the both of us. Read more about Nathasja and Britta here.

Please book your intake by filling out this form and we will get back to you asap. 

How others experience our Shamanic Systemic Healings

‘As a result of the Shamanic Systemic Healing, I feel centered and confident, more present in my body and in life than ever before. I am not so easily irritated and angry anymore. And do not let myself be dragged into other people’s drama and negativity. I have much more energy than before because of that. I am able to stay in my own energy and feel more balanced and joyful.’ R.K.