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Dear Soul, 

We are so excited you will be journeying with us.

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Love and light,
Britta & Nathasja


Your intention

Get Your Intentions Guidebook

Your Intentions Meditation


Benefit fully of all the healing vibes and set your intentions for this spiritual and healing journey with us:

1. Download & print the accompanying Guidebook.

2. Download the meditation and listen

3. Take notes in the Guidebook and activate your intention by sharing it in our online circle 

Energy Trinity

Watch this video and learn about the 3 levels of energy that are the basis of our life.

Our Full Moon Circles

We are so much looking forward to connecting with you during our online Full Moon Circles. You can find an overview of all dates in the download here below. Save the dates in your agenda.

Zoom links
The Zoom links for each gathering will be shared one or two days in advance in our online community circle. If you haven’t joined our community yet, please download Telegram. We will then invite you into our circle.

Tapping into the energy
We will gather in our intimate, warm circle with all Healing with Nature members to tap into the energy of the full moon with rituals, meditation and energy work by both of us.

This is also a chance to exchange and share how the month theme shows up for us, what we experience when exploring our healing & alignment tools and to ask any burning question. We grow together! Gathering with like-minded people allows our energies to combine and co-create. As a result, we experience healing and pure magic unfolds in our lives.

Download the Full Moon Circle dates here

Dear soul, do you want to live aligned with your own rhythms and seasons with balance, joy and ease? If you have any questions, please send us a message or an email:

Britta van Arman 
Nathasja Gootjes

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