Dear Soul,

In the Celtic Coligny calendar this month is called SAMONIOS which translates to “time the seeds are falling”. In German it is also called ‘Fog month’, refering to the demp and misty days of this month.  

The month begins with Samhain, also known nowadays as Halloween (hallow’s eve) which indicates the end of the Celtic year and thus the beginning of the new year. It is a time to honor the ancestors. The veil between the worlds is thinner at this point of time and therefore it is easier to connect with our ancestors. There are various traditions to nurture them with offerings of food, incense etc.

The Christians changed this into All Saints Day.

We celebrate this season and honor the death because…. from death and darkness springs life and light.

 Important themes this month are:

  • Deep cleansing
  • Shadow patterns vs. healthy patterns
  • Transformation of emotional roots

In Nature the ground is getting colder and more humid, leaves and nuts fall to the ground. There is a steaming smell of rotting leaves and mushrooms. The woods are preparing for winter.

We are also preparing for winter. Our harvest is done, we make it cozy indoors. It’s getting darker and more difficult to get up in the morning. Time to turn inwards!

In November we are facing our shadows and are searching for our emotional roots. And Samhain supports us to let these go and make place for more of our light. 

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 Lots of Love and Light,

Nathasja & Britta

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