How can we help you?

All our Healing sessions, Healing Ceremonies, Rituals and Healing products are energy aligned with pure intentions, love and respect for the cosmos, Mother Nature, all beings and nature. We work intuitively and are always supported by our teams of spirit guides. 

This is what we can offer you and your tribe. Please feel free to connect with us if you have any questions or requests. 

  • Nabrita Community for Intuitives, Highlysensitives, Lightworkers, Healers and Starseeds
  • Nabrita Spiral Ceremonies to heal, let go, connect with your essence and start your new chapter lighter and with renewed energy.  
  • Healing with Nature online community and member program to align with the rhythms, seasons and balancing healing of nature and your own true nature. And a boost for your spiritual growth.
  • Healing sessions & Ritual Ceremonies for you or your team or friends to honour rites the passage, life events & milestones.
  • Healing Products to cleanse, raise and maintain your energy level. Energy induced and filled with our love. 


We turned our mission into thriving businesses and are now helping others to reconnect with their soul, intuition, own unique gifts and the spiritual world. Are you ready to create a life and business that feels aligned and fulfilling?

Lightness, fun and groundness in combination with deep spirituality, nature and unconditional love are the key elements that help us to create and grow organically, with flow and ease, and guide you into profound, deep transformations.