Dear Soul,

Welcome to your February Energy update. 

What’s in store for you?

This is a month full of cleansing and new beginnings. Listen to our energy update and get inspired. Watch our Healing & Alignment tool video which offers you a beautiful ritual. And find out who your February Nature Guides are and what exercises will help you to work with the themes of this month. 

Please also join us on Wednesday February 16 when we gather in our Full Moon Circle from 20.00-21.00 (8-9 p.m.) CET. Last month was warm, intimate and full of connection and recognition.

The Zoom link will be shared in the group shortly before the event. Afterwards the recording will be made available on the January page too. You can find all dates are here.

We would love to give space for you to hear how your journey feels and what comes up for you in our safe community. If you haven’t done so, please create your profile here and notify us.

Enjoy and please feel free to email or send us a text message if you have any questions, need support or have any feedback for us.

Lots of Love and Light,
Britta & Nathasja

February Energy Update 


Monthly Energy Update – February

What is happening in nature in February and what does the shamanic tell us about this month and it themes?

Find out by watching this video. Also download the accompanying prompts here below.

And get your own Nabrita Energy Cleansing Spray here

February prompts

After watching the February Energy update please download this Guide with 3 prompts about your blind spots by:
1) clicking on its image
2) on the new page click on the small image below on the left
3) download the PDF

After this Soul Inquiry we would love to hear your questions and findings in our community.

Maybe we have a few blind spots in common and can support each other to become more aware of them and let them go. 

Healing with Animal and Plant Guides


algemeen working with plant animal

General explanation about working with the energy of animals and plants

We explain why and how you can work with the energy of animals and plants.

Connecting with their energy can bring you inspiration, recognition, kinship, wisdom, joy, support, growth, healing and so much more.

And above all a beautiful, nurturing relationship with a new guide on your journey through life here on earth as a soul.


Animal and Plant of the month

We invite you to work with the energy of the animal and the plant of February to deepen your healing.

We introduce them, their powers and how you can work with them. 




Healing & Alignment tool: 


Create your own Healing with Nature Altar

In this video you will learn:

* why we make altars
* how to build your own

This month we invite you to make your own Healing with Nature Altar that we will also use during our Full Moon Circles. A great way to attract your intention even more.

We hope you will have a lot of fun doing this and that it will bring you what you long for.


Monthly Gathering 

Full Moon Circle – February

It was wonderful to gather again online on February 16 from 20 – 21.00 CET

Whether you were present or watching the replay, the healing energy can be felt. This is what you can expect:
* Check-in: how is the present energy for you
* Explanation about the Moon energy (at 17 min)
* Connection, cleansing and full moon meditation (at 30 min)
* Sharing circle (at 54 min)

Enjoy the replay and see you next month.

Love & light, 
Britta & Nathasja