Healing with Nature Membership 12 months

180,00 including VAT

Healing with Nature Membership – 12 months – start any time


Healing with Nature Membership with discount: You can start every moment of the year. 12 months of nature’s magic for emotional freedom & spiritual growth.
Create life balance and joy by aligning to your true nature. Connect with your own cycles, rhythms and season by connecting with the wisdom of nature. Learn to read & feel signs, messages and the energies of nature and use the themes for your own healing and acclerate your spiritual growth.
Re-balance, raise your frequency and self-awareness, increase your intuition and navigate daily life challenges with ease.

You will receive all content per e-mail to enjoy:

  • Energy Update with themes and energy of the month
  • Healing & Alignement tool to work with the energy
  • A animal and plant guide & excercises.
  • Full Moon Healing video
  • Warm, intimate and safe community to share and support each other on Telegram
  • Fun and connection with like-minded, spiritual beings
  • Nabrita Healing vibes offered by Britta & Nathasja
  • Online access to all shared content (videos, meditations, e-books….)


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