Healing with Nature course – Jaspis package

180,00 including VAT


Experience the ancient and magical wisdom and power of Mother Nature.
Explore how to flourish with nature and her seasons to enhance your own wellbeing.
Recharge and balance your energy with monthly energy updates, healing & alignment tools and
our nature guides. Enjoy healing vibes together with other spirits in our safe space.

Boost your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing and experience balance, joy & flow while creating an abundant and prosperous life for yourself.

The Jaspis package includes:

+ 12 x Energy Updates
+ 12 x Healing & Alignment tools
+ 12 x Plant & Totem Animal + Excercises
+ Envision Your Year Guide 21 pages
+ Envisioning Your Year Visualisation
+ Access to online course platform with all shared content
+ Access to our warm, supportive and safe Nabrita Circle
+ Access to our warm, intimate and safe Nabrita Circle
+ Connection with like-minded, spiritual beings
+ Nabrita Healing vibes offered by Britta & Nathasja
Bonus 1: Intention setting module: video, guidebook and visualisation
Bonus 2: A video how to connect with plant and totem animals

Package value 1.100 Euro. Get yours for only 180 Euro now.


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