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Here is your gift: Healthy and flexible Boundaries

Do you know what your values are? How do your boundaries work and what will help you to express them in a flexible way? 

Download the Guide below by clicking on the image below and define your values and download the 15 minutes audio. Then follow the 8 steps in the Guide.

What is your values top 3? What helps you to express your boundaries and values? We would love to hear from you. Please tell us per mail or in our Group Nabrita Healing and Rituals.

We are curious which values we might have in common! We wish you a beautiful journey of joy and abundance.

Lots of Love and Light,

Britta & Nathasja

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Values and Boundaries

Boundaries Visualisation


In this visualisation you will discover and become aware of how your boundaries feel when you are with someone you do not feel comfortable with.

And support you in having healthy and flexible boundaries in those situations.

Will you let us know how it was for you?


Love and light,
Britta & Nathasja