Dear Soul,

Welcome to November, the 11th month of the year.

Read and listen to our Energy Update to find out more about:

  • the origin and energy of November
  • the themes of this month and how to support yourself when they show up or how to bring them into your life

It is a month for deep cleansing while facing your healthy and unhealthy patterns. And of making space for new growth in the upcoming cycle.  Starting the month with the Samhain, we connect with our ancestors and honour them with offerings as the veil between the worlds is thin at this time.

Our Healing & Alignment Tool is an exercise to help you become aware of your shadow patterns so that you can cut those roots that cause emotional in-balance, pain and stagnation.

Also your November Nature Guides are there for you to discover and offer you exercises to work with the themes of this month. 

Please also join us on Wednesday 9 November when we gather in our Full Moon Online Circle from 20.00-21.00 (8-9 p.m.) CET. A warm moment in the month for us to connect and heal together.

The Zoom link will be shared in the group shortly before the event. Afterwards the recording will be made available on the month page too. You can find all dates hereWe would love to give space for you to hear how your journey feels and what comes up for you in our safe community on Telegram . If you haven’t done so, please download the Telegram app and join the group.

Enjoy and please feel free to email or send us a text message if you have any questions, need support or have any feedback for us.

Lots of Love and Light,
Nathasja & Britta

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November Energy Update 


Nabrita Healing with Nature-Energy update October 2022

November video

What does November show us and what can it help us with?

Find out by watching this video.

Are you in need of more balance, calmness and harmony this month? Check out our Nabrita Spray “Purify your Energy” here.


Healing and Alignment tool


Healthy roots

November is the first month of the Celtic new year and invites us to turn inwards to discover our healthy and unhealthy roots.

We will continue working with these roots in December.



Healing with Animal and Plant Guides


algemeen working with plant animal

General explanation about working with the energy of animals and plants

We explain why and how you can work with the energy of animals and plants.

Connecting with their energy can bring you inspiration, recognition, kinship, wisdom, joy, support, growth, healing and so much more.

And above all a beautiful, nurturing relationship with a new guide on your journey through life here on earth as a soul.


Nabrita Healing with Nature October_Nature Guides

Animal and Plant of the month

We invite you to work with the energy of the animal and the plant of November to deepen your healing.

We introduce them, their powers and how you can work with them. 

This month’s guides are the broom and the raven. Click here to watch the video.


Monthly Gathering 

Nabrita Full Moon Circle October

Full Moon Circle – November

We gathered online on Wednesday 9 November from 20 – 21.00 CET (8 – 9 p.m. CET) for another healing Full Moon Circle.

Learn all about this Beaver Full Moon and her powerful energy.

We close the year with the last Full Moon Circle on Wednesday 7 December.

Please join us to celebrate not only this Cold Moon, but also the end of the Healing with Nature programme 2022 with us!

Love & light,

Britta & Nathasja