Dear Soul,

Welcome to your March Energy update. 

What is happening in nature?

This month is about your personal boundaries. Listen to our energy update to find out more about the meaning of the name and how this relates to the theme. Learn more about the meaning of Spring Equinox and Easter. And the different types of boundaries and what they mean.

Our Healing & Alignment tool is also related to boundaries. Your March Nature Guides are there for you to discover and offer you exercises to work with the themes of this month.

We would love to give space for you to hear how your journey feels and what comes up for you in our safe Nabrita community on Telegram. Not a member yet? Let us know and we will invite you.

Enjoy and please feel free to email or send us a text message if you have any questions, need support or have any feedback for us.

Lots of Love and Light,
Britta & Nathasja

March Energy Update 


Monthly Energy Update – March

What is happening in nature in March and what does  the shamanic point of view tell us about this month and it themes?

Find out by watching this video. 

You can still get your own Nabrita Energy Cleansing Spray here for more calmness, harmony and clarity.


Healing & Alignment tool


Values and Boundaries

Do you know what your values are? After having watched the Energy update you might want discover your values or revalue them again. Download this Guide to define your values.

How do your boundaries work and what will help you to express them in a flexible way? Download the audio below and take 15 minutes to listen to it. After that write your findings in the same Guide.

What is your top 3 Values? What helps you to express your boundaries and values? Please share it with us in our Nabrita community.

We are curious which values we might have in common!

Boundaries Visualisation


In this visualisation you will discover and become aware of how your boundaries feel when you are with someone you do not feel comfortable with.

And support you in having flexible boundaries in those situations.

Will you let us know how it was for you?


Healing with Animal and Plant Guides


Animal and Plant of the month

We invite you to work with the energy of the animal and the plant of March to deepen your healing.

We introduce them, their powers and how you can work with them. 

This months’ guides are the Ash Tree and the owl.

Enjoy discovering their symbolism!