Dear Soul,

Welcome to your April Energy update. 

What is happening in nature?

This month is about opening our doors to go out and show ourselves, our talents and dreams. Being visible and connecting with more people again effects our balance in both ways. Listen to our energy update to find out more about:

  • the meaning of the name April
  • the themes of this month and how to support ourselves when they show up
  • Easter and the Goddess Ostara

Our Healing & Alignment tool is an audio. We guide you into a Soul Inquiry about bringing your ideas into the world while balancing your head & heart.

Your April Nature Guides are there for you to discover and offer you exercises to work with the themes of this month. 

We would love to give space for you to hear how your journey feels and what comes up for you in our safe Nabrita community.

Enjoy and please feel free to email or send us a text message if you have any questions, need support or have any feedback for us.

Lots of Love and Light,
Britta & Nathasja

April Energy Update 



What does April show us and can help us with?

Find out by watching this video. 

Are you in need of more balance, calmness and harmony this month? 

Check out our Nabrita Aura Cleansing Spray here.


Healing and Alignment tool


Soul Inquiry


With this guided meditation you can explore what new idea you want to bring out into the world. What it needs from you and what you need for your own balance when you share it with others.

Will you share your amazing idea or energy that you want to bring into the world?

Healing with Animal and Plant Guides


algemeen working with plant animal

General explanation about working with the energy of animals and plants

We explain why and how you can work with the energy of animals and plants.

Connecting with their energy can bring you inspiration, recognition, kinship, wisdom, joy, support, growth, healing and so much more.

And above all a beautiful, nurturing relationship with a new guide on your journey through life here on earth as a soul.


Animal and Plant of the month

We invite you to work with the energy of the animal and the plant of April to deepen your healing. 

We introduce them, their powers and how you can work with them. 

This month’s guides are the alder tree and the eagle.

Click on the image or here to view the video!
Enjoy discovering their symbolism!